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Aw…I don’t know how to make anything on here. If I was where you are, I could draw you a picture (old-school with a pen!) I can only wish you the most happiest of birthdays, and note that we’ll all be together soon where birthday wishes can be shared properly!

End of day update...

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My dog Scout got pretty well jumped at the dog park, but loads of folks ran to help petting and soothing her. (I got Scouty from the kill shelter. She had a rough start at life and is very submissive.) Went home after, and played in the yard. You guys will meet Scout this summer. She will lick you.

Talked to my DC buddy (my older opposing counsel friend that I’ve mentioned often) he was really sad, and then his 3 year old granddaughter burst in to give him kisses. Told me on the phone she was eating croutons and raisins.

One of my best pals from choir has pneumonia and has been sleeping on an inflatable bed because he’s too sick to move his recently obtained bedroom set from his van to his room. Told another pal that we should take care of this…and we did. He’s sleeping well tonight.

A local favorite, The Parkway (a theater that shows crazy movies and sells wine, pizza, salads and beer) closed tonight. Two friends called out of the blue and said “Let’s go to the final show!” But we couldn’t get in to see the documentary on Mexican Wrestling. So we went out for pizza and speculated on what they should name their baby. Called my 82 year old mom from the restaurant and she listed all the weird names of my Italian relatives (Zorestrella…seriously) to great laughter.

Sort of bad things happened only to be quickly replaced by pretty good things.

I think the day lived up to my early emotions.

Good day don’t you think? Thanks for the messages, hope all of yours were good too.


Mar. 22nd, 2009

For some reason I woke up today with an unambiguous and persistent feeling of joy, wellbeing and…I think its hope; irrational giddy hope. It feels like Election Day.




Just thought I’d share.


Hope all of you are having a superb day.



I am so angry about AIG at the moment I can hardly think. I’m sick of being told I have to pay to keep them afloat. Let them fail, let the whole lot of them fail. Screw their contracts: let them declare bankruptcy and renegotiate their contracts just like they force on the blue collar workers.


And the further result of this is that I am now irrationally more inclined to favor the 39% tax rate and reduced deductions for the rich which I was previously inclined to question. Now I figure, why not? How is this not already class warfare? Soak the hell out of them and if they don’t like it, they can turn to their class brethren in the financial sector and get their reimbursement there.


Oh, and regulation? Bring it on!


I will no doubt be more rational in the near future, but not if this continues. If it does, then let the whole financial sector burn and I’ll fiddle.

“This is an impressive crowd: the Have's and Have-more's. Some people call you the elites. I call you my base.”


George Bush

“Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!”






Mar. 4th, 2009


Droxy hopes our room at Leaky will be mellow....

She forgets what a great bar-tender I am and what a craptastic year I've been having so far (fit for sorrows drowning) and that I have a certain pied-piper quality at times…

<insert nefarious laughter>

Feb. 17th, 2009



My Governor is apparently sending out 20,000 lay-off notices today. I am told agency will get the list this afternoon. I am told that I am not likely to be on it but then there's all that bumping which will rapidly ensue. I am told it won't go into effect until July anyway.

So, I'm not buying plane tickets just yet. But, then again, if I am laid-off I can just take a Greyhound to

I think it will all be ok. I really just wanted to use my new icon.


OK English Profs...

crazy cat
I was just told I speak like an ee cummings poem.

Personally, I always felt I spoke like a comic book.

Not that I think that's necessaruly good. Just a fact.

Anyway, have I been insulted?

Nothing to do with crime and punishment


Though I may get back to that topic at some point...

Is it just me? I sorta liked MIAs Grammy gig. Seemed very GRRRRRLLL to me. But I'm an x-punk. Someday I'll post a pic of me with my mohawk.

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Feb. 5th, 2009

To everyone, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, posts and support. A lot of people are asking questions, so I thought I would generally answer here.


First, no there is no appeal or anything else that can be done. That would constitute double jeopardy. I still agree with this principle. The state should not be allowed to drag a person through a criminal prosecution over and over again. So, this is it. There is no recourse for failures by the DA, PD or judge.


My folks are upset. My Father is particularly angry with the judge for allowing the PD to reference “absolute proof” and “one scintilla of evidence” as well as other impermissible definitions of “reasonable doubt.” The PD actually wrote “absolute proof” on the board.


That’s actually an important point. The jurors are being interviewed and saying there wasn’t enough proof. What that suggests to me is that the jury didn’t think he was innocent but bought into the confusion over what the DA needed to prove. The news stories are all expressing shock, but I knew when I walked out. I knew the jury would be flipped by what the PD was doing. It’s called jury nullification. It’s where you get a jury to ignore the evidence based on manufactured outrage and sympathy.


We’re all upset. Everyone seems to have failed here. We were told the DA is lazy and he was. One would have thought the DA would take a case against a retired judge more seriously. I don’t know what to say about the PD. I find his conduct unethical and others have confirmed that it was. I don’t know why the judge didn’t say anything other then the fact that DA was silent.


But it’s done. I don’t think anything will happen to my Dad or Carol, but something might happen to someone else because the clear message here is wear gloves and a mask and you’ll get off. Absolute proof is an impossible standard. Here’s what the jurors are saying to the press:


“A jury found Phillip Dominick Landry not guilty on all counts today, but several members have their doubts about whether he's innocent.

As they left the courtroom, one juror pointed at Landry at told him to "behave."

Another juror told Action News Landry was a liar, but they couldn't convict him for lying, and there were too many missing pieces in the case against him. Landry's head bowed when the jury gave him a second lease on life Thursday.

…There was no physical evidence tying him to the crime, so they couldn't convict him, even if their gut instincts told them he might be guilty.

"In my gut's irrelevant," said the jury foreman, Michael Gaskin. "I have to be honest with you. That's what was a struggle. That's why you might've seen the somber faces [on the jurors.]"

And,of course, Landry hopes the catch the guy who actually committed the crime. 

Not sure what to do with myself. Lots of offers from friends. No one wants me left alone which is kind. I feel achy and have a killer headache. 

Feb. 5th, 2009

Not guilty all counts.